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A Trusted Wastewater Treatment Company Since the 1980s

DryVac Environmental Services is a full-service wastewater treatment company that provides process handling to the oil, industrial, agricultural, and municipal industries nationwide. In the process, we dramatically reduce waste handling costs and produce a cleaner, greener environment.

Dropped Water

A Cost-Effective and Integrated Process

Our DryVac technology provides a cost‑effective and integrated process for dewatering and drying as well as handling organic and inorganic wastewater streams, which may be laden with hydrocarbons or other hard‑to‑filter media. With our technology, solids can be dried up to 99% if desired!

How It Works

The DryVac process involves dewatering sludge, then drying the remaining solids in a single operation. In the process, the solids are dried up to 99%, and all pathogens are killed, resulting in Class A 'eq' biosolids. Additionally, the discharge water produced will be high‑quality because of the combination of filtration and distillation.

Filtering Stone in Water

DryVac Elastic Envelope Modules

The application of low-pressure steam and vacuum to our patented plates makes our technology possible. While the DryVac unit appears physically similar to standard filter plate presses, the plates are actually DryVac Elastic Envelope Modules (DEEMs). These modules expand and contract according to pressure being applied—either externally or internally.

Then, the filter cake is squeezed as the DEEMs inflate. After this, heat is applied with low-pressure steam and vacuum on the filter chamber, causing the moisture from the solids to be vaporized at low temperatures.

Our History

DryVac Environmental Services was originally founded in the 1980s as Simpson Filtration of Richmond, California. Mr. Simpson began manufacturing standard filter presses for plating shops, pigment production, and oil tank cleaning. Then in 1995, Mr. Simpson invented a specialized plate that can dewater and dry slurries in a single unit. This was when DryVac Environmental Services was born.

From Small Systems to Larger Units

Using previous experience, the original DryVac units consisted of small systems for dewatering and drying metal hydroxides, paint pigments, wastes, and slurries in oil tank bottoms. But as the years progressed, significant research and development concentrated on creating plates with a more robust plastic. This resulted in the production of bigger plates and larger units.

Committed to Finding the Best
Advanced Technology

In 2000, DryVac Environmental Services investigated worldwide to locate the best advances in technology and the engineering capability to properly use these technologies. DryVac Environmental Services transitioned into a full-service company providing processes handling the oil, industrial, agricultural and municipal sectors.

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